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Every so often,  I tune in with my inner, wiser self. And I share a question and her answer with you.

Here's an Example: Accepting Love

Inner Me and I talk about the emotional spaces that I find myself in, which are similar to the emotional spaces you might find yourself in.

Soul Note subscribers are loving, feeling thoughtful people who are well aware of the world's complications. They invest in their lives and the work they do because both make a difference.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your work - how inspiring, how thought-provoking, how resonant it feels to me.  I've wanted to write hundreds of times to say how a particular message or thought you shared has affected me, and yet somehow I always stop myself.  It's always so easy for me to engage in the story of how I'm too shy, you're too busy, how silly it would be.  But the truth is, I love your bright beautiful sparkly soul, your brilliant authentic voice, and your deep seeing.
- Deborah Weber

I hope that Soul Notes make a positive change to your day!

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