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Every so often,  I tune in with my inner, wiser self. And I share my question and her answer with you.

Inner Me and I talk about the emotional spaces that I find myself in, which are similar to the emotional spaces you might find yourself in.

Soul Note subscribers are practicing humans who invest in their lives and the work they do because both make a difference.

I hope that Soul Notes make a positive change to your day!

Bridget Pilloud

PS- For subscribing to Soul Notes,  I'd like to give you Drop the Baggage. Drop the Baggage is my 5-hour audio program ...

5 hours? I know! Who has time for this?  Listen- do you want to change your life? Do you want to get clear about who you are and what you want? Do you want to get over that thing? THAT THING that has taken more than 5 hours out of your life? Yeah. You do. So just try one hour of this and see what happens... 

Drop the Baggage is my awesome 5 hour program of mp3's that explains my process for getting quiet, getting clear and getting intuitive.  And it's yours. 

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